4 Killer Copywriting Ideas from Leading Companies Around the Globe

Are you struggling to come up with copywriting ideas to generate sales? Indeed, this can be stressful at first, but if you ask a professional copywriter as to where they get their ideas, you’d be surprised to find out that they make use of what they learn from already existing examples. Of course, you have to learn from those who have achieved success because these have been tried and tested.

The beauty of copywriting is that you can be creative and at the same time use inspirations to come up with your own concoction for success. Learning from others is likewise fundamental because this is where you see how to utilize what you already have in terms of facts and other pertinent information.

So, are you ready to write? If you are to ask a professional copywriter, here are 4 killer copywriting ideas from today’s biggest industry names that you may want to use:

The Hustle –selling the brand persona.

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Selling revolves around human interaction, and when you humanize your brand, the more capable it becomes in interacting with your readers. This is what Hustle did to reach out to a bigger audience by creating a spiel that shows an image of the brand as a person they can easily relate to.

The Hustle presented itself through this definition: “Your smart, good-looking best friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day.”

Who doesn’t want a best friend like that?

Medium – establishing a sense of ownership.

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If you are to check out the “Our Story” page of Medium, you will notice two things. First, it presents the writing platform to be specially designed for people and their stories, not advertisers and their links. Second, using the word “our” already creates a perception of ownership, and that when you sign up with Medium, you have a part in the ownership too.

These two attributes are essential when you are writing sales copy that asks people to subscribe or sign up to your services because they portray a long-term business relationship that focuses on the customers’ benefit. They wouldn’t be able to resist such charm.

Apple –selling the principle that change is always necessary.

It has become the norm that whenever Apple drops a new iPhone version in the market, people are hurrying to get at least one for themselves, even if they currently have a perfectly functioning phone. This is because if you are to see how Apple composes its sales pitches, it focuses on the new features of their latest release, and they make sure that these features cannot be found in the ones being used by their customers.

It not only highlights change –it also makes change a necessity.

Basecamp – providing a solution to the things people hate.

Basecamp may, at first glance, be just another project management and team collaboration app, but how does it get ahead of the competition? Well, it highlights people’s problems in the world of project management and organisation, and gives specific benefits that the program can provide.

With a solution to a problem now available, who wouldn’t want to subscribe right away?

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