Key Factors to Consider When Producing a Marketing Video

Video has a lot of purpose and can be very useful. It can be used to introduce a brand, showcase a new product, or endorse a new service. Whether you want to produce a 30-second sales video about a new service or a half an hour corporate video, this type of marketing tool is an effective way to deliver a story. If you are looking for ways to better transmit your message or to reach your audience with the use videos, below are more information for you to keep in mind.


By using a professional video, your company can boost your business branding and share your values to your audience. These are the same reasons as to why businesses are into corporate video production in order to boost their online rankings and increase their return on investment.


Below are key factors to keep in mind when creating a video that will surely win you your target audience:


Know Your Target Audience

First and foremost, you want to understand who your target audience is. By knowing who you are doing this corporate video production or explainer video for, you will have a guide on what you want to accomplish. Is the video for your business partners, employee training, new hires, or for introduction of a new product? While all of your target audiences may have access to video sharing platforms, not all will be interested in watchingyour ads. That’s why you need to know your target persona to align your content with their needs. Make sure that your message clearly defines what you need them to seeor is tailored to the problems your viewers are trying to solve.



Have a well written script

Be it a video production, a movie, or a TV commercial, all these content start on a paper first. Treat your video script as the blueprint of what you want to see as end results. The story should describe all of the visual and audio elements you need to help guide you in video production. The blueprint should mirror your message to your target audience. It should also clearly depict what you wish to see once the video is already done. Spend enough time needed to produce a script to avoid wastingtime and budget doing edits or having retakes.


Less is more

Marketing videos are ideally shorter since the attention span of people these days are shorter. Therefore, if you can produce one that is engaging yet only require your audience to watch less than 1 minute, then it will be more effective. Make sure the content is clear and catchy so you can hook the attention of your target audience. Avoid squeezing in a lot of information about a product or a service. Every second of the video is important so make sure that it is worth your viewers’ time. Other information can be viewed on blogs or web pages.


Proper video distribution

Video production doesn’t end with editing. Once the video is done, you need to share it to be seen by your target audience. You can upload it to your website, social media, share to aclient, your company’s YouTube page, and other a lot more. You can also use the video at trade shows or during seminars. By having a well-distributed video, you will find iteasier to reach you target audience.


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