The LeLit PL041espresso machine that is pump driven is not only an excellent coffee making machine but it is a kitchen beatification investment. Those who love shiny appliances have enough reasons of purchasing this home espresso machine. The route to quality steamy coffee is via The LeLit PL041espresso machine. It has a standardized switch layout on a panel at the front. The LED built power switch, steam switch, brew switch as well as the hot-water switch are a super attraction. It is also easy to use due to the ready light that is positioned above steam knob.

espresso cup


• Heating is at 100 watts hence quicker reaction whenever cold water trickles into the boiler.
• Constant water temperature is facilitated by the 250ml boiler made of brass.

• The frame and body are made of stainless steel that is well polished.

• Temperatures will vary from the one that is displayed on the PID while in steam mode. It will be higher than the programmed temperature.

• Excellent pressure control is achieved via security valve and thermostat.

• Different coffee temperature control in the PID has ensured variety is achieved.

• Mode selection is easy using three way switch. You can select hot water mode, coffee mode or steam mode.

• The pump switch activates pumping of hot water or coffee.

• Has a ready instructional manual, a cup filter basket that is single cupped and an additional one that is double cupped, plastic scoop, pod basket that is single E.S.E and a plastic tamper.

• Its solenoid valve is three-way hence allowing immediate portafilter removal after extraction ceases.

• There is a plastic as well as steel drip tray that helps in easy cleaning.

• On the backside, the unit has a power switch

• You can check brew pressure timely using external manometer

• The filter holder measures 57mm that is used with both coffee pods and ground coffee. You will realize that pods do well in Lelit PL41TEM Anna Espresso Machine.

• This machine also has a steam wand that is multi-directional. This makes sure that you prepare great creamy cappuccinos.


• Durable

• Does not rust

• Prepares several coffee types
• Comes with various accessories including an instructional manual


It is not easy to point a number of shortcomings in Lelit PL41TEM Anna Espresso Machine. The only fault s the vague instructions.

Final verdict

In conclusion, Lelit PL41TEM Anna Espresso Machine is simply the best espresso machine on the market. It is ready for use in less than three minutes. You are also advised to season you espresso machine to ensure quality coffee is made using the right temperature. If the instructions are followed well you will have properly extracted, hot and tasty coffee.