AFTER ALL OF recorded history, 2019 is finally here. It doesn’t look much like Blade Runner (or Akira, or The Running Man) predicted it would, but it’s still got its fair share of futuristic visions and crazy tales—especially on movie screens. Indeed, the coming year has supervillains, superheroines, and even a few superstar team-ups that aren’t based on comic books. (Have you seen the lineup for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman?) What follows is a rundown of the 25 movies we’re most looking forward to in the new year; you may still be writing “2018” on personal checks forms, but it’s never too soon to start planning.


Tired of superheroes? So is M. Night Shyamalan. He started his antihero crusade years ago with Unbreakable and, sneakily, with its sort-of sequel, Split. Now he’s bringing the stars of the two films together for one monster mashup in which David Dunn (Bruce Willis) uses abilities to help stop multiple-personality-having mega-baddie Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy). Split was a surprisingly sharp return to form for Shyamalan, and here’s hoping its follow-up puts a nice capper on the director’s surprise trilogy. —Angela Watercutter

Alita: Battle Angel

File this one under Cautiously Optimistic. It’s a manga adaptation partially written and backed by James Cameron that’s being directed by Robert Rodriguez, which both makes it exciting and gives pause. (Rodriguez can be great, but his last couple of films—Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and Machete Kills—have been … less so.) Yet the film’s trailer shows promise, and if the manga gets the treatment it deserves, it could be a delight. —AW

Captain Marvel

Getting this out of the way right off the bat: Folks have been waiting for Captain Marvel longer than almost any other Marvel film. Not because its protagonist is a bigger deal than, say, Thor or Black Panther (even if she’s more powerful than both), but because it’s the first standalone Marvel movie to feature a female superhero. That’s a lot of pressure, but with Oscar-winner Brie Larson taking on the titular role and directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck at the helm, Carol Danvers is in good hands; add in a Crystal Pepsi 2-liter bottle’s worth of ’90s nostalgia and it’s sure to pack a punch. —AW


How does writer-director Jordan Peele plan to follow his Oscar-winning horror flick Get Out? Apparently he’s looking to top it with another just as haunting movie about a family that goes away for a beach vacation and finds themselves haunted by creepy lookalikes of themselves determined to kill them, gruesomely. This being a Peele production, it’s probably deeper than that, but we’ll have to wait until March to discover those scares. —AW


Admittedly, Warner Bros. has had a spotty record with its DC comic book adaptations so far: Wonder Woman was great; Justice League wasn’t; Aquaman gave us Pitbull’s cover of Toto’s “Africa,” which is impossible to assign value to. But based on the trailer, this quirky superhero flick seems to have a lot going for it, mostly thanks to the comedic chops of Zachary Levi, who is playing the titular role. If you like the movie Big and offbeat superheroes—or if you just loved that kinda-inflated-looking sardonic doctor from Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel—this one might be for you. —AW

Hellboy (April 12)

We probably don’t need a new Hellboy movie; the ones Guillermo del Toro made with Ron Perlman pretty much filled that void. But David Harbour is a delight as Jim Hopper on Stranger Things, and he’ll hopefully bring that energy to Mike Mignola’s twisted antihero. Not a shoo-in, but not a hard pass either. —AW

Avengers: Endgame

Oh, you thought Captain Marvel was going to be the biggest Marvel movie of the year? Nope! Less than two months after Carol Danvers lights up cinemas, all of the Avengers who survived Thanos’ finger-snapping will unite—along with, presumably, the Captain herself—to try to undo the destruction he caused. So far trailers for the film have been purposefully vague, but considering this film is the culmination of Marvel’s Phase 3 and has promised to be the “fight of our lives,” it’ll surely be epic. —AW

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