Botulism – The Worst Type of Food Poisoning You Could Ever Experience

With so many botulism cases cropping up in media headlines, it’s of utmost importance to understand what the symptoms are so a loving parent could identify the severity of theborne illness.


You must be mindful of several things before thy shall suspect botulism. First of all, botulism is a serious illness that could take life before it be diagnosed. It is neither a life threatening nor a fatal illness and therefore many people have had to live for months, or even years, with the illness, before they finally struck. Of course, no one wants this to happen. But the point to note here is that it is unlikely to strike immediately.


So what is botulism? Botulism is a food born illness that is caused by eating processed foods, specifically foods that have been powered through heat. In the process of making these foods, harmful heat breaks down the essential amino acids into an unhealthy state. Of the offending nutrients, fourteen of them are considered the most important to humans. Specifically, the fourteen are the richer lendin proteins, the two amino acids that form the backbone of protein, the two amino acids that are vital in the construction of thearts; and the Dinner’s most important ingredient, DNA. Of the latter, neuraminic acid is the most commonly known to be an immunosuppressive agent that breaks down communication between the cells. Botulism BotulismBotulism Botulism


This illness could show up in several different ways. Many people will appear to be jaundiced. Others complain of severe pain in the throat or the esophagus. Some report pain in the abdomen or the back and a dry cough. However severe cases could result in drooling when they eat. This is usually attributed to the fact that the illness seems to cause the body to slow down its metabolism, and this therefore trails to food being digested at a slower rate. This then leads to food being stored in the form of fat, therefore, shortening the life span of the individual. Botulism BotulismBotulism


However one of the most loved by dieticians is the botulinum toxin, known better popularly as “Botox”. This is produced by the bacteria that constitutes pathogenic bacteria as a way to prevent themselves from being digested by proteins when they begin to feed. This then leads to an extension of the lifespan of the individual. Many believe that this therapy could hit the elderly population one of the hardest. สล็อตเว็บตรง


The “Dancing Disease” is a common illness that leads to an imbalance in the memory, affect an individual’s speech capabilities, and lowers the IQ of its victims. Its name pays respect to the rapid movement that it has, hence the name “Dancing Disease”. However, this illness occurs when there is too much activity. To avoid the dancing disease one hour of each day is a good idea. This can be achieved by limiting the activity of the individual at least one hour prior to the start of each day. Obviously alcohol should be avoided prior to the start of the dancing day.


Another illness that could be called the “Dancing Disease” is caused by viruses. Salmonella, for example, is a bacterium that comes from yogurt. This bacterium belongs to a group called Enterobacteriaceae, which is commonly found in both our bodies and is always present in the environment. It is found in both human and animal types. Sometimes it is found in foods that we are allergic to. The illness moves through several stages until it arrives at our body. The individual with the dancing disease may resemble a worker or vagrant in a red shirt asking everybody to dance with him.


Individuals who appear to be ill usually have a temperature which indicates the release of white blood cells. The body responds to the loss of fluid by decreasing the temperature of the body except the skin and the hair. In addition, the skin pores are widened. As a response to the loss of fluid, the skin turns red, perspires profusely, gets dry, and feels hot


While in the initial stages of the illness, the individual does have some fluid, especially the warm fluid, which help to hydrate the tissues, especially the lungs, spleen, and liver. Some of the fluids replaced the fluid that was eliminated during urination. As time passes, the dancing disease’s scope extends to affect almost every tissue within the body, especially the brain. Because of its rapid advancement, the dancing disease may result to coma and death.


Most important aspect of management of patients with this kind of illness is fluid restriction. This may be achieved with the aid of certain drugs. This fluid restriction may be achieved by both toxicology and hydrology. In addition to this, fluid replacement therapy is often utilized. The goal of this therapy is to achieve rest for the individual.


Quietness is also one way of managing the pain associated with dancing.