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Halo Wars

Halo Wars Preview
A look at Halo Wars, the upcoming real time strategy game from Bungie, the creators of the Halo franchise:

*mic check* “So it’s Halo Wars, you say? Well, that’s the plan… but how much excitement will we have for the release, and how different will the games play compared to Halo and Halo 2? With new addition to the Halo franchise, the game has been promoted to the big leagues…  สล็อตเว็บตรง

The Halo franchise, as you know, has been the phenomenon of the gaming world, with millions of copies sold all around the world. The second part, Halo 2, was also a huge success, and the game followed the concept of Master Chief and the flood, in terms of the shared universe, in bringing us to the Covenant.

Well, the plan seems to be a repeat of those great Halo thrills and spills – but this time, the story and the concepts will be the background, as the game develops and starts to reveal itself. The first demo, at E3, gave us some insight of the new elements.

First of all, we saw the evolved Master Chief, who looks more like a warlord than a heroic protagonist. He has a more impressive combat model, too, and you can see that the director, Bungie, wanted to make everything look different, and had to work with animation to achieve it.

Bungie are aiming to have 50 to 60 ships for each of the four races. They want to provide a sense of universe in the game, so it will be an important goal to include thecape planet, which is a key location for the game.

I was surprised to see that the demo, unlike many other trailers, only had one location, named ‘Hel Invisible’. The real location for the first few levels is the spaced out ring, called the Inner Spaceages Multiplayer map, which takes place on the Earth, outside of the ship.

Although the locations are well advertised and the trailer suggests, we can’t be sure that the game will open on to the campaign on foot. On the other hand, it kind of introduces the idea of campaign, when we see the Forerunner planet, called the Prometheans.

The number of playback videos has also been increased to 50, showing more of what is to come, and the developers are endeavour funky making every single video – even some of the closed beta.

What we’ll just have to take with hope, is that the Halo Synchord and the music come as a treat and we start to recognise the realised vision.

Halo 3 is nothing short of Amazing!

Talking of the Halo universe and the key players and special locations that are being discussed, the latest Halo 3 trailer unveiled at E3 adds more fuelrentals to the fire.

We saw the new dreaded AC-130 before, but now we have a different kind of gunship – and breathtaking destruction as the trailer states.

Not only are the gunships different, but the locations are now very much the target, set up to look worse for wear, after theDevelopmentasp Maggie’s Hilland the Tomb.

In the trailer, we see a ship virtually looted, with body parts and armour missing.

Iron Start

This has got to be the closest we will get to the real events that led to the ambush that terminatessub-brandishing weapons at the beginning of the trailer.

There are rumours that Bungie and Microsoft are now co-ordinating to get the story correct.This is great, because the latest Halo 3 game, to be published by Microsoft, will surely have to walk a fine line.

The combined forces of Bungie, Sniper expert turneer Crytek, and Media Molecule, perhaps offer the best possible story in Halo 3, setting the stage for the birth of a Halo “unification”.

Sadly, the demo doesn’t show anything about this, but I suppose that’s enough to make us all very excited!

Demos Available Soon

Good news for Halo freaks, you can get your hands on the latest Halo 3 demo at the teaser site, and you will be able to download the High Def version.

I strongly suspect that we will see the Halo 3 Launcher version at some point during 2010, but I doubt it will be for a while.

The latest teaser Halo 3 version has a stronger visual appearance then the earlier versions, and the main menu is now in High Def. The armoury is now in the form of cards, which can be chosen in multiplayer.

The latest Halo 3 trailer is a demonstration of the online play, featuring Slayer, Slayer Pro, and Dominion game modes.

These game modes are not the most popular, but they’re certainly worth playing. The latest Halo 3 trailer is a passionate argument for the future of Halo, and the biggest test yet will be whether the Halo 3 version can live up to the hype.

Halo Wars