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How to Protect Your Eyes From Video Games!
I was talking to a friend recently about how he got exposed to things in video games and I was like… what? exposed? I am fairly certain that when he was playing some very scary looking game he was not blinking his eyes nor could he move his head and stuff like that, he was probably just too scared to go in front of the TV and pay attention!

Okay so I was pretty intrigued by his statement that he got some strange stuff in his Xbox 360 and that he couldn’t go in front of the TV because he thought it was a big horrible spider or something!  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

Apparently there are some kinds of things in those video games that give people strange things to see or experience in their living rooms. I learned about this from my friend and I was like… what the heck is he talking about right now? Protect Eyes 

What I learned about MyXbox 360and why it freaked me out as a gamer…

1. You share the info with your mates and other players via Spotfrosso Kart on Xbox Live.

2. You can see what your friends are seeing on Xbox Live.

3. And fears no more that you will get exposed about your activities on Live!

So I decided to do some research online and ask some of my friends about their experiences with MyXbox 360. And what I found was quite shocking, I mean I was quite naive I believe. I was like… what the heck? With all of the things that are out now and the amount of trash that is out, I was like… I don’t want to be exposed I guess.

I went on forums and searched for whatever it was that he was talking about and then I went and played a random game that he said that he wasn’t impressed by and guess what I notice you ask? I noticed that he had private profile on Xbox Live so I figured… what the hell? Protect Eyes 

So I did some research and found out that you sign up for Xbox Live and they will assigns you an identity for that. They will keep all of the information about that. Then you are using that identity to get access to Travian and all of that.

So I signed up for a few of them and I was trying to find out how to use FlashID to register for the Travian server… and I realized that I had no idea about the procedure. I went to the website that offered the address and they were like… wah? telling me to go sign up. Protect Eyes 

I was like… really? Then I went to register and I was like… Oh crap… I am never doing that again. It doesn’t work. I was like… there is a biggger of a link there if I want to register for the server. Guess what? It is now even worse than before. It seems like they intentionally stay out of the loop!

I was like… well damn… I am never using Xbox Live ever again! That was one problem. But now I am scared to death that they will track me down and try to kill me. It is like… I am next! Protect Eyes 

So I decided to do some research on the internet about this. I wanted to know why I was competing with all of these users. Why I would have more kills than them? I wanted to know why these people would stay up all night and all day play! I wanted to know how many people they had killed and I wanted to know how long they had been playing. I could have of been like… well you just installed the game on your computer and want to know how to play. Instead I decided to just do some good old fashioned research.

I went on and I looked on Google News. Doing a search for… testing out the services or programs for.. finding out how many users… I got thousands of results. Doing a search for….. registering to the server? I got just… numbers. Just numbers. Not names or addresses or anything like that.

I went on the few websites that were up online and… what did I see? I saw a few people talking about the server. They were talking about their problems with the service. Everything was going fine when the game went down… So they decided to try and fix the problem. Protect Eyes 

By this time… half way through the weekend… I had found out how to play but I had no idea on how to fix the game. My friends were playing this game online… One friend had a problem with his character… He wanted to know how to creator a character. So he created me a warrior character. He told me… When you make your character… you will need a fighter’s stats, strength, stamina, and toughness (inch). After you create your character… you will need to fight in a tournament. Fight against other… players in their player versus player edition. Protect Eyes 

I was so…. So…. Protect Eyes 

Protect Eyes