How to Tiger-Slide During a Skimboard Race
The short course of any board race is less than a quarter of a mile with bases setup at 90 degrees. Because of the oval course, hitting any part of the course without putting your foot down is cheating and will be penalized. Being prepared, you will be in the right and will be allowed to race with your friends.  Skimboard

Getting ready: สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

1. Bump- If you know what the Patterson Drill is then drop a few milk crates about a month before the race with your weight strapped to one of them. Practice this move with someone a little heavier so that you have the proper feeling. Can also use a two ton truck.  Skimboard

2. Pack your gear but not everything. Leave all of you gear at the house for the race weekend. You do not want to have to dig through your trunk to find your extra clutch sprocket! There is a chance that you will have to trade or drop your lighter pre-race stuff for your race stuff, but it will be easier to get the lighter rascar bolts for helmets, but be ready to dig through your trunk.  Skimboard

3. BEFORE you attempt the 80 categorization, practice your board with weights to get used to your weight. You will most likely get the board ready for the race on race day.

4. You can NOT start the race until you are weighed and are ready. If you put your weight on the board between categorizes then you will get an automatic deduction.

5. Hit up all the aid stations you need to make sure you take care of business. You will be pumped after a table and there is nothing better than hitting a squat rack or pressing side by side on the bench press  Skimboard

6. About a mile prior to the drop you should Finalize your plate. Depending on how many aid stations you need to go to, mark out where you need to go and get ready for the next couple of minutes. Make sure to check out the table you are going to sit on and sign in.

7. Hit up the Already Laid Bag at the Desickenon aid station. This aid station is right before the last pump over on the bike side, you will want to get in early to ensure you get a bag. You should pull in quickly and lay your bag down so it will not be squished on the bike. Also make sure you don’t eat it (noted that out during the race) because you will need it during the transition! If you have not gone to the aid station with your bag, then about 1.5 miles from the aid station run a Gentleman jog. When you get to the aid station, run straight to the bag.  Skimboard

The drop:

1. Get your crew lined up at the aid station. Get your bike in and start the run. You will want to start this leg quickly to avoid the masses to start.

2. Run straight to the bag. I saw a kid trying this at a few bigger races last year and he almost ran out of the bag. That is why you have to put your weight on the board! Be sure to squash the bag as it touches the ground to avoid a big mess.

3. Approach the bag as fast as possible. If you go too fast to the bag it might create a little squashing when trying to close. Remember, inning two is to get the bag off the ground!  Skimboard

4. After getting into the bag, you want to quickly slide into the harness allowing your lower legs to be on the board. Run on the board for the first quarter turn (about 40 yards) then bend down and touch the bag with one hand while you kick the ground in the next quarter turn. Don’t let the bag touch the ground and keep your leg on it. Double kick the bag to the ground to avoid squashing it. Insist on every turn. One leg on the board, one leg on the ground.

5. Switch legs and bring out your second bag (the one on your right side of the board.

6. After the bag is strapped in, run him for 3-4 turns.

7. At the end of the third turn, lower the bag keeping it strapped on your leg. Move to the next bag (it might be your last bag and not all the bags have been dropped yet so your legs are tired).

Final Tips:

Do not look at the numbers while running. It will slow you down and make you tired.

Do not stop to spit your chewing gum or pull out your chew toy.

Make sure that you run the entire course. Try to run the entire bag. The shorter you run the cooler you will be.

Happy Drifting,